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Harvest Pictures: Pressed Niagara Grapes

Local Niagara grapes being pressed into juice

Our Beautiful local Niagara grapes in the crate, being prepared to be pressed into juice.

Our local harvest has arrived- last week we began pressing our beautiful local Niagara grapes into juice for our home and professional winemaking customers.

For more pictures, see our 2015 Harvest Photo Album on Facebook.

Winemakers! Although our Niagara juices is sold out, we have grapes we will be pressing into juice this week that will be available for pickup as early as next weekend. Be sure to reserve any quantities and varieties you would like to ensure we don’t sell out! Learn More.

Consider visiting our Isle House for a wine tasting so you can witness all the hustle and bustle and wonderful grape juice aromas that come with Harvest Season.


local niagara grapes being pressed

Bin of Niagara being dumped into the hopper.

Niagara grapes being pressed

Niagara grapes going into the must pump.

Local Niagara grapes being pressed

Niagara grapes going into the press.

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